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Growing up, I always had an appetite for the beauty of the filmed image. My passion for photography began in grade school, when I was very young. All of my peers were competitors in extreme sports and I wanted to document their progress and stunts on film. I began shooting and editing videos of our adventures on the local mountains, here in Vancouver.
As my experience and skills grew, so did the audience and the sequences and the films became more widely known.
Knowing that film was my first love, I gained experience in the world of television, movies and music videos over the next ten years, finding my voice through light and sound.
With many years of experience on set, in many different roles within the camera and lighting departments, I have gained considerable knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking and I bring that level of expertise every time I participate in a new project.
I am self sufficient, travelling with an extensive camera, grip and lighting package to match any high level production.
I hope you will consider using my services when the time comes for you to make your dreams a reality.